Our Story

As students we noticed that less and less people have the ability to cook their own food. We wanted to know why, how and when this occurred. As a way to re-skill people, this website was initially developed as a place to share recipes, but as time has passed we have realized our food system is much more complicated. We decided to talk to members of older generations to share their food skills and stories with us. Our purpose is to impart that knowledge to younger generations who have lost these traditions. Our research has shown us that food is not fair!

Our group is made up of students from the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University in Toronto, Canada. The Resilient Chef website is the result of a class project that encouraged us to take action! We chose to tackle food education before we fully understood how big of a problem it is. We also recognize that not everyone has access to the same information about food as us. Therefore, with the help of our Teaching Assistant, Erica, we devised this website as a tool to share the greatest amount of food information with the greatest number of people. Everyone has the right to food education, but rights are meaningless without access. Food has become an issue of privilege; our aim is to share our privileges with you in an attempt to level the playing field. Fair food education for a resilient fair food system. Say that three times fast!


6 thoughts on “Our Story

    • Thanks, Michelle! We’re really excited about our site! Please keep checking back as we have many more recipes, tips and articles to come. And if you have any friends who might be interested in our site, please make sure to let them know about The Resilient Chef!

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