Food education

Food education and food literacy is a hot topic these days as it seems that the younger generation is slowly losing their knowledge about food. It’s a scary thought when kids nowadays don’t know where food comes from, how to grow it, how to cook it, how to eat properly and how to compost it. In our opinion food education needs to be added back into to the school curriculum, right from kindergarten up to grade 12. That said, what’s your opinion? Let us know!

Looking for a fantastic community-based organization here in Toronto that is at the forefront of food education? Then check out FoodShare Toronto. We have more info about them listed on our page for Organizations we love.


3 thoughts on “Food education

    • Depending on where you are might contribute to whether there are cooking classes within schools. Unfortunately, due to budgetary cuts, many schools have lost their food-based curriculum. This isn’t solely talking about learning how to cook, but also where our food comes from, how it is grown and how to grow it, what healthy food options are, how to compost, etc. All of this can lead to the reduction of food injustice and insecurities that plague many communities in North America. Check out our article on Racism, Food Security and Food Injustice ( Thanks for your comment!

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