A Taste of the Social Sciences

The subject of food can be applied to relatively any area of study such as: chemistry, biology, ecology, philosophy, and natural science, just to name a few. However, since our focus of food revolves around its injustices, we have chosen to concentrate on the subject of food through the perspectives of the social sciences.

The social sciences consist of several varied disciplines, but what links them is their over-arching study of humans in “society”. Society is somewhat of a hefty term due to its generalization. Since society in Canada and society in Zimbabwe are very different, society can be regarded as a context. Therefore, the aim of the social scientist is to theorize and predict generalizations about individuals in a given context.

Three social science disciplines that we will be exploring include sociology, psychology and anthropology. Thus, we will explore the human relationship with food and the “implications” of food, through sociological, psychological and anthropological perspectives. Implications are essentially consequences; it is not only important to explore how food functions in our society, but also the consequences of this functioning.

Sociology, psychology and anthropology are very broad disciplines that encompass many theories of food and eating, and therefore provide vast surpluses of information. To prevent an overlap and subsequent redundancy of this blog, we have selected material that represents these three viewpoints of food but from opposite areas of research. Remember, the intention of this blog is not to contrast and compare theories regarding food. Instead, our aim is to share as much food information to the largest amount of people and to the best of our ability in our given time frame.

In our next article, we will begin by looking at food through the eyes of a sociologist. Stay tuned!


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