To pasteurize or not to pasteurize!

For the past decade there has been resurgence in the dairy world to produce ‘raw’ milk. In this case the term raw, meaning unpasteurized, is when milk isn’t heated for up to 30 minutes at temperatures around 145 degrees F (62 degrees C)  to kill unwanted bacteria like E coli.

Before the industrial revolution, ‘raw’ milk was the way most dairy consumers drank it. Recently creamy controversy has returned. Advocates for ‘raw’ milk have said that the rapid pasteurizing process eliminates fats, enzymes, carbohydrates and complex proteins within the milk that are beneficial to the body. Along with a creamier fresher taste, pro ‘raw’ milk-ers believe that it benefits those with “allergies, digestive problems, eczema, autism, arthritis and learning disabilities.” Although research is still being done on the subject, it is advised that young children and the elderly should not drink ‘raw’ milk due to their lower immune systems which may not be able to fight against certain pathogens that ‘raw’ milk contains.

It seems to us that the jury is still out on the ‘raw’ milk debate due to general lack of hard evidence on the subject. Something to keep in mind if you choose to have a milky midnight snack is where it’s coming from. It is always important to make sure you are purchasing it from a reputable farmer or supplier who knows the potential harms that come with drinking ‘raw’, as it can come with some nasty bugs.

All in all what you choose to drink is your choice; our biggest concern now is… what cookie to choose!

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